Hello and welcome to my blog! First of all, let me introduce myself I am Damien. Twenty four years old young man, who still feels he’s a teenager. I am from a small country in the middle of Europe, which most people don’t even know it exists. It’s Slovakia. Currently I live in Czech Republic, […]

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We are no longer together

Do you still love me? Right now? No. Greetings to everyone who suffers in brutal pain of a heartbreak! This article will be about my point of view about break-ups and how to stand on my own feet again. What happened? I was in relationship and we broke up a week ago after almost five […]

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How introverts are partying

Let me introduce you my friend Wolverine   Greetings to all birthday fellows! This post is about last weekend with a very special friend of mine. To keep her anonymity (and mine as well), let’s call her Wolverine. To explain why Wolverine: no she is not a huge fan of Marvel, but when I wrote […]

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